1976 Suzuki RM250A

This is a very nice example of the 1976 Suzuki RM250A. The bike has been the recipient of a comprehensive mechanical and cosmetic restoration with the work being completed about a year ago. Although the bike was built for display, the motorcycle is perfectly capable of being rolled up to the starting gate.

The bike is highly original.This restoration was an six month long project, during which time the core bike was found, the correct parts were acquired, and then everything was restored to near original condition. The chassis and engine were fully disassembled and the bike was rebuilt using the best of NOS, original OEM, and high quality reproduction parts as available. Particular attention was paid to the fit, finish and appearance of all components of the bike. That said, please know this is not a perfect bike. Not every imperfection was sanded, painted or polished completely out of the finish of the bike. The small imperfections that remain are a nod toward the racing history and heritage that make these bikes special.

A little creative license was utilized for the paint on the side panels. A black pin stripe was added around the border of the green ovals on the side number plates. This detail was not done at the done at the factory level for the production bikes; but we felt that the bike looked much better with it . Also, this bike has the ’77 RM rear shocks which have the remote resevoirs. Aside from these changes, the approach to the restoration was to properly under-restore, as opposed to over-restoring the bike. If this approach does not reflect your vision of what it should be, please do not purchase the motorcycle.

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