1980 Suzuki RM100
1980 SUZUKI RM100

You are looking at a VERY ORIGINAL 1980 SUZUKI RM 100. I am the second owner of the bike and I bought it in 2006. It has lived indoors its whole life! I have the original owners manual and the original MSO! This bike is all original except the air filter, filter cage, shift lever and brand new Michelin S12 tires. I have the original tires that came on the bike new, they are half worn but still useable. The bike runs great and shifts through all the gears fine. It has only been ridden up and down the street occasionally for a few minutes to keep it fresh. If you notice from the pictures, the front forks currently on the bike are for a 1980 RM 125. I have the original forks as well in great condition (see picture) and a back up set I bought just to have. My reasoning was I thought I might want to race the Marty Tripes races but after much thought I felt this bike was too nice and original to take racing….at least it was for me. It needed to be on display in my shop.

Well I have enjoyed it long enough and I am ready to pass it along to a new owner. I have my hands full with other bikes, etc.

Full disclosure, the tank that is on the bike has a small crack that developed on its own. I have filled it with epoxy and it is fine, i am just not qualified for plastic repair, etc. Also, the seat is all original. It is getting a bit hard so I would be afraid to actually use it if the bike was to be ridden much. A nice replica would be better and save the original. It looks great! Lastly, the original side panels and front plate had faded badly over the years but where in great functional condition. I sanded them and painted with plastic fusion paint and they look great as well. The front and rear fender were wet sanded, new clear coat added and are beautiful. This bike really is all there and very cool. I am also including in the sale the two extra sets of forks, I have no use for them.

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