1980 Suzuki RM400 FOR SALE

1980 Suzuki RM 400. New top end and rebuilt bottom end.  Cylinder is on last overbore but it cleaned up perfectly. Replaced all bearings in lower end. Works Performance rear shocks. Front end off of a 83 RM.  These forks do have compression adjustment.   Has dual actuated front drum brakes. Cone pipe. This bike has only had about a gallon of gas through it since a complete rebuild.  It runs really strong.  I hadn’t started it in four months and it started on the third kick.  This is not a show bike even though I think it looks pretty nice but is set up for vintage racing.  I won two vintage avdra expert titles on this bike.  This is a great handling vintage bike with good brakes and a smooth power band (for an open bike).  The works performance shock are a little shorter than stock. You might appreciate them if you are a little shorter in stature.  You could always use the progressive suspension shocks that are a little longer that come with the bike if you prefer.  The silencer is a little loud and makes a rattling noise but is functional.  It has a newer style safety seat on it.   No Title.  Bill of sale only.  Bike comes with all spare parts pictured.  Spare parts included are as follows:

Michelin Cross front tire – used but in good shape.
Used cylinder, head and reed block.  The cylinder looks pretty good but there are some scratches on the exhaust side.  I do not know what bore it is at so I don’t know if it could be bored or not.   Head is in pretty good shape.
Rear hub with pretty new wheel bearings installed.  I cracked a rim so I just replaced the whole wheel with my spare.
Two kickstarters.  Both are pretty beat but would work as emergency spares.
Rear brake trailing arm.  This one is for the 1980.  I currently have the 1979 trailing arm and rear break backing plate installed on the bike.  Both years work on the bike but are not interchangeable.
Clymer Repair Manual.
Stock seat.
Front fender and both side panels.  These are rough but are good spares.
Progressive Suspension rear shocks.  I have never used these so I don’t know how well they work.  The preload adjuster on one of them is chewed up by what I assume was the chain.  Parts are readily available for these so you could rebuild without a problem.
Used reed block with reeds and extra set of used reeds.
Set of foot pegs.
Extra Mikuni main jets, slow jets, needle jet and jet needle.
New OEM head, base and exhaust gaskets.
New EBC clutch friction plates.
New EBC rear brakes.
New rear wheel bearings.

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