1982 Suzuki RM465
1982 SUZUKI RM465

Vintage RM 465Z purchased new by my friend 3-27-82 from Widman Motorcycles in St. Louis, MO. Went to a few races in 1982 & 83. Used very little. Sat in the basement until 2009. Sunshine coming through windows faded the plastics. Tank suffered very little and was better than anything available. Replaced Fenders, Side Panels, and Front Plate with OEM Suzuki. New Stickers installed. New Tank Graphics have begun to blister. Carb cleaned, new UNI air filter, oil change, and new plug. Engine came to life after 8 kicks. Suzuki recommended new top end after 2 races, this was done by Widman. Custom Hi Flite Seat added in 83. No tears or splits.Bike has DUNLOP SPORTS K390M 5.10-18 on the rear and DUNLOP SPORTS K490 3.00-21 on the front. I think these tires are original I don’t recall them being replaced. Bike is original not restored. It does have some scrapes scuffs and small dents. Some items have been replaced with OEM SUZUKI as available. Matched Set of OEM Suzuki Bolts were put in lower triple clamp. New OEM Black Seat Bolts. New OEM Chain Rollers. New Chain and Sprockets. Any questions please ask. Do not know about much about shipping but if you do we can make it happen.

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