1983 RM125
1983 Suzuki RM125 – Mark Barnett Replica

Auction is for an excellent post-vintage motocross racing bike. 1983 RM125, fully modified for racing the AHRMA Ultima 125 Expert class. Engine was built by Greg Waldrip, all new bearings, seals, bore, etc. Built using the better (lighter) 1982 crank, full porting, piston mods, V-force reeds, 34mm flat-slide carb, jemco works replica pipe. As a package this agressively ported engine produces a very fast 125 with a significant revving powerband, some expense in the mid-range, but unsurpassed top end rev power. Multiple AHRMA Ultima 125 expert holeshots and wins. One ride on all new top-end. Modified for maximum power, expert level suspension, and light weight mods.

Scotts Carbon fiber silencer, modified airbox with breathing hole mods and screens, new Uni 2-stage filters, upgraded levers and perches.

Suspension is upgraded to 43MM forks, and Ohliins rear shock / rempote resevoir. Suspension set up by Cyclewerks / Kevin Brule’. Set for 195 expert rider, both front and rear suspension perfectly balanced, absorb and dampen with the best of modern bikes. Geared lower for optimum performance on motocross track. Lightweight rear sprocket, DID gold chain. S12 tires offer best traction. radiator cleaned up, rock screen. New tank graphics, safety seat, bars. Spares included.

This is the best Ultima 125 motocross bike available, with the unsurpassed Suzuki Full Floater suspension perfectly dialed-in. Modified motor package works fantastic and an expert level powerband, but holeshot and awesome over-rev and tyurn exit with the lighter 82 crank responsiveness. I hate to sell this super fun bike, but I am thinning my race collection. You will not find a better developed or sorted-out 125 Ultima bike. fast, excellent suspension and handling and reliable. Super fun to run.

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