1982 Suzuki RM500
1983 Suzuki RM500

1983 Suzuki RM500D, First year for the powerful Suzuki RM500.
This Bike started out as a low time bike, It has a fresh .050 Bore with NOS Suzuki Piston, Ring, wrist pin and bearing. The frame was then sand blasted and powder coated along with the triple clamps. New steering head bearings were installed. Bike still has original handle bars and kick stand!
No Pitting on fork tubes or shock shaft, Lower fork legs in like NEW Condition! No corrosion on this bike it has been in the dry desert all its life. And covered up on a stand for the last 10 years.

NOS Suzuki parts were used extensively during this restoration and most are no longer available today.

The NOS NEW Suzuki Parts are:
Front Number plate ( produced for 2 years only!)
Gas Tank
Seat assembly ( not a cover but NEW SEAT )
Front & Rear fenders
Inner rear fender #2
Strut Mud Flap
Left and Right side number plates
Exhaust Pipe
Silencer Assembly
Fork boots
“Optional” Front Drum brake guard
Front & Rear Spoke kits
Chain buffer
Chain defense inner & outer plates & buffers
Chain rollers
Folding Shifter
All cables
Original “Red bootie” kill button
Clutch & Front brake Lever assemblies
Foot Peg Pins and Springs
Swing arm Shaft, bearings, Sleeves & seals
Rear axle assy.
Upper link Shaft, bearings, sleeves & seals
Chain and Sprockets
NEW rear rim
NEW Front and Rear tires, Tubes & rim bands
All engine seals
Forks stripped , repainted & seals & oil
Rear Shock Re-Sealed, new oil & bump stop
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Bike is ready to race or display, the motor has not even been started with the new pipe and silencer. You will not find a nicer example of a 1983 Suzuki RM500 anywhere, and I don’t think you could ever find all the NOS NEW Suzuki parts that are on this bike.
I am sure I have missed many parts I have installed over the years but you get the idea that this is a ONE of a kind bike.

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