1985 Suzuki RM125
1985 Suzuki RM125

Up for auction: A 1985 Suzuki RM125. I purchased this bike from a guy in Florida a couple of months ago and added a few things to it but I have another project that I am working on and need money for. This bike was completely disassembled down to the frame, which was painted, all bolts and bearings cleaned or replaced. Many new OEM parts added, including top end, crank bearings and seals. Starts on 4th or 5th kick cold, due to the aftermarket Mikuni carburetor that was installed by a previous owner. Bike runs and shifts through all gears fine. Clutch works fine also. New brake pads front and rear. Wheels are origional and in great shape. Spokes have surface rust but are all there and solid. Tires have some age on them but still hold air and have about 80% tread. New sprockets and chain. New seat cover and fenders, front and rear along with new front number plate. Exhaust is OEM and has no dents, with an after market silencer which sounds great. Very crisp. Rebuilt engine has about 1 hour of run time to break in the piston and rings. Bike hasnt been on a track since rebuild, only up and down the street to test ride. All cables are new as well as throttle assembly and levers. New Scott grips on origional unbent bars. Carb has been rebuilt with OEM Mikuni parts that i purchased from Suzuki, and may need some fine tuning based on your location but runs fine here in North Carolina. Front forks and rear shock seem to be in good working order. I have a set of yellow fork boots that I will include with the bike.

* This is a 27 year old motorcycle and is not showroom quality. Therefore I cannot warranty any parts on it.

See link below for video of bike running.


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