1986 Suzuki RM250

1986 Suzuki RM 250 (G model) I am second owner, since I purchased the bike I have done the following:

Rebuilt front forks, replaced fork boots, used heavier oil & Added Gold Emulator Valves
Rebuilt & recharged rear shock, replaced seal and bottom out bumper
Upgraded to new roller bearings in steering stem
Greased all rear suspension pivoting points
Replaced air filter, with a UNI Front wheel bearings & rear axle bearings are replaced Restored & repacked original silencer
Installed a brand new front tire heavy duty tube, rim band and adjusted all spokes tire has zero hours on it, two spokes would not tighten on front wheel
Installed a rear heavy duty tire, tube, & rim band and adjusted all spokes tire has 25 hrs on it one spoke would not tighten
Replaced clutch & brake levers
Replaced factory non o ring sealed chain to a RK O ring, sprockets are both excellent they have low hours on both
Replaced rear brake shoes & front brake pads, caliper pins are lubed and all rubber components are in good condition
Installed new clutch cable, throttle is lubricated and functioning, I recommend replacing throttle cable

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