1987 Suzuki RM250

This is a 1987 rm250 “slingshot” I bought this thing as a project to rebuild and keep as a spare, The entire bike has been restored, every nut bolt,bushing and bearing has been replaced. the engine has an oem suzuki piston with stock bore, new reeds, brand new carb that has been properly jetted for this bike.i had custom aluminum radiators made for it, brand new chain and sprocket, brand new seat cover and foam, brand new brakes, the entire rebuild has 2 rides on it totally about 8 hours. it was only ridden by me to shake it down for any issues. this thing hauls! the reason im selling it is simply because i want something more on road friendly. this is a great bike alot of time and money was invested to make sure it was safe and ready to go. the bike needs absolutely NOTHING. i can provide receipts for the entire build all though it might depress me so have a tissue ready if i need to add all this up.Feel free to message me with any questions. i am willing to trade for dual sport bikes!

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