1988 Suzuki RM250
1988 Suzuki RM250

Up for Auction is a 1988 Suzuki RM250, This is the signature bike of Bob Hannah after he signed up with Suzuki, This bike was Bike of the year in 1988 and listed as “BEST BIKE EVER!!” by Dirt Rider Magazine in 1988.

I am the second owner of the bike, the original owner had installed buddy pegs on the bike to ride is kids around.
That tells you a lot of the casual use of the bike. I was planning on racing the bike this year but health reasons prevent that from happening.
The bike starts right up and shifts through the gears smoothly. I have never had the engine apart, It starts and runs great!

I freshened up the bike with a new rear tire and tube on the rear and a lightly used front tire and new tube on the front. The fork seals were replaced and new fork oil added. I had a lightly used Acerbis Front brake/fork guard and installed it after doing the fork seals for that WORKS look!
The stock pipe and silencer are in beautiful shape but the pipe had a small crack on the header section, I had the crack stopped drilled and welded and then a patch welded in place over the spot where the crack was, It will never crack again! I installed new pipe springs and a new pipe/silencer rubber connector so the would be no leaks!
The bike still had the stock handle bars but I replaced them with Renthal bars, the clutch and brake levers are original and still straight, new Scott hand grips were added.
New chain and sprockets were installed, and the brake fluid front and rear flushed with DOT 4 fluid, both brakes work great and stop the bike fast!
The rear shock has great dampening, I greased the swingarm and lower shock linkage, it was still in LIKE NEW condition! just needed new grease.
It would be hard to find as nice of an example of a STOCK Original condition1988 RM250 Suzuki in this, in low time condition.

All the plastics are original and the bike still has the warning stickers on the back fender!, The gas tank looks like new !
I just installed new precut Yellow number plate backgrounds from N-style. The bike just needs your number on it and is ready to race!

The seat has a CEET cover on it, and I believe no rips or tears. The foot pegs don’t sag, the rear brake lever has never been bent and the shift lever is like new. The bike has no broken or repaired cases, the bottom of the bike is nice and dent free, The bike still has the sprocket cover.
The chain buffer is in great shape as well as the chain rollers and rear chain defense.
Like I said this bike looks to be trail/family rode all of its life!
I touched up the blue paint on the frame rails and clutch cover but the rest of the bike is as I got it.
Like I said I was hoping to ride/race it this year but can’t, so I am letting it go, instead of having it sit!

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