OK, I’d like to define a couple of acronyms that are very often misused and misunderstood when discussing vintage motorcycle parts and decals.

OEM – “Original Equipment Manufacturer” – It means a part made by the company that originally sold it. i.e., only parts made by Suzuki should be considered OEM. ex; DG pipes are not OEM, they are aftermarket. It does not mean “new.” I used part can be OEM.

NOS – “New Old Stock” – Any unused vintage part falls into this category. It means that the part is new but manufactured sometime in the past and is typically no longer in production (discontinued). Both OEM and after market parts can be NOS.

Something like reproduction decals are neither OEM or NOS. They’re new reproductions, no matter what other ┬áreproduction decal makers try to tell you. One of my competitors is claiming that their reproduction decals are “OEM.” Ummmm, no. Unless they’ve got Suzuki making them, it ain’t right.

Hopefully this will clear things up and online conversations will make a bit more sense with everyone on the same page. Plus it should help you wade through the BS with places like ebay and sellers in forums.

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