Custom Number Plate Decals



Custom Number Plate Decals

One set of number plate decals custom made to your personal specifications. You get one front plate decal and two side plate decals. There are a few examples below showing just some of the many possible designs. You pick the numbers, type face and colors. The 70’s style is typically the Wild West numbers, 80’s is all about simple fonts or the bitchin’ Zeronine numbers. Also available as backing graphics without numbers for restoration instead of racing. We can add your name or your race team’s name, etc. Tell us what you need and we’ll do it!

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. It takes a little back and forth to get the design down and then it has to go out to the printer and back again before I can send them out. Sometimes my print shop gets very busy and I end up in a long line of jobs. So, unfortunately I cannot guarantee a delivery time before your next big race. Be prepared to wait.

Early 1970’s to 1983 RM125, RM250, RM465 and RM500
(Ovals work for many other makes and models)

Here’s a sample of a custom blank.
Wild Wild West 70’s style!
My personal favorite, 80’s New Wave.
Or, how about an homage to Brad Lackey’s 1982 season!
New Wave white on black
Wild West black on white

1984-1991 Suzuki RM125 & RM250

1984-1985 RM125 & RM250 Custom Number Plate Decals
1986-1988 RM125 & RM250 Custom Number Plate Decals
1989-1991 RM250 Custom Number Plate Decals (yellow with black trim)
1989-1991 RM250 Custom Number Plate Decals (black with carbon fiber trim)

1985-1986 Honda CR250
1984 Honda CR60 now available!

1985-1986 Honda CR250 & CR500 Custom Number Plate Decals
1984 Honda CR60 Custom Number Plate Decals