1975-1985 Suzuki RM Serial Numbers

The frame numbers are located on the front of the head stocks. The engine numbers can be found on the top of the engine cases, under the carb, usually on the right side.

Model Frame Number Engine Number
1975 RM125M RM125-10001 – 30000 RM125-10001
*This is a mid-year model identified by the down-pipe.
1975 RM125S RM125-19800 – ? RM125-19800 – ?
1976 TM75A TM75-27488 to RM80B TM75-27778 to RM80B
RM100A RM100-10001 to 16021 RM100-10001 to 16023
RM125A RM125-30001 to 43982 Not Applicable
RM250A RM250-10001 to 20994 RM250-10001 to 21012
RM370A RM370-10002 to 17938 RM370-10002 to 17945
1977 RM80B RM80-10001 to 23348 RM80-10001 to 23634
RM100B RM100-16022 to 23119 RM100-16024 to 23133
RM125B RM125-43983 to 61850 RM125-44045 to 62012
RM250B RM250-20995 to 26795 RM250-21013 to RM250C
RM370B RM370-17939 to RM400C RM370-17946 to RM400C
1978 RM80C RM80-23349 to 39432 RM80-23635 to 39469
RM100C RM100-23120 to 28311 RM100-23134 to 28327
RM125C RM125-61851 to 84328 RM125-62013 to 84644
RM250C RM250-26795 to 30641 RM250- N/A to 307699
RM250C2 RM250-30642 to 38833 RM250-30700 to 39102
RM400C RM400-100001 to 105659 RM400-100009 to 105680
1979 RM60N RM60-100024 to 102730 RM60-100024 to 102730
RM80N RM80-39433 to 200009 RM80-39470 to 200067
RM100N RM100-28312 to 33043 RM100-28328 to 27821
RM125N RM125-84328 to 102502 RM125-84645 to 83086
RM250N RM250-38834 to 43891 RM250-39103 to 44024
RM400N RM400-105660 to 109716 RM400-105681 to 109784
1980 RM50T RM50-110854 to ? RM50-110894 to ?
RM60T RM60-102731 to JS1RB11A_B_100000 RM60-102731 to N/A
RM80T RM80-20001- to JS1RD11A_D_100000 RM80-200068 to N/A
RM100T RM100-33044 to JS1RE11A_B_100000 RM100-27822 to N/A
RM125T RM125-102503 to JS1RF11A_B_100000 RM125-83087 to N/A
RM250T RM250-43892 to JS1RJ11A_B_100000 RM250-44025 to N/A
RM400T RM400-109717 to RM465X RM400-109785 to N/A
1981 JR50X LN1JA11A_B_100001 to LN1JA11A_C_100000 JR50-______
RM60X JS1RB11A_B_100001 to JS1RB11A_C_100001 RM60-______
RM80X JS1RD11A_B_100001 to JS1RD12A_C_100001 RM80-______
RM100X JS1RE11A_B_100001 to N/A (no RM100 built in 1982) RM100-______
RM125X JS1RF11A_B_100001 to JS1RF11A_C_100001 RM125-______
RM250X JS1RJ11A_B_100000 to JS1RJ12A_C_100001 RM250-______
RM465X JS1RM11A_B_100001 to JS1RM11A_C_100001 RM465-______
1982 JR50Z LN1JA11A_C_100001 to LN1JA13A_D_100000 JR50-______
RM60Z JS1RB11A_C_100001 to JS1RB11A_D_100001 RM60-______
RM80Z JS1RD12A_C_100001 to JS1RD13A_D_100001 RM80-______
RM125Z JS1RF11A_C_100001 to JS1RF11A_D_100001 RM125-______
RM250Z JS1RJ12A_C_100001 to JS1RJ12A_D_100001 RM250-______
RM465Z JS1RM11A_C_100001 to 1983 RM500 RM465-______
1983 JR50RD LN1JA13A_D_100001 to LN1JA13A_F1100001 A102-______
RM60D JS1RB11A_D_100001 to N/A (no RM60 built in 1984) RM60-______
RM80D JS1RD13A_D_100001 to JS1RD13A_E_100001 D101-______
RM125D JS1RF11A_D_100001 to JS1RF12A_E_100001 F106-______
RM250D JS1RJ12A_D_100001 to JS1RJ12A_E_100001 J102-______
RM500D JS1RM12A_D_100001 to JS1RM12A_E_100001 M101-______
1984 JR50 Not built in 1984. N/A
RM60 Not built in 1984. N/A
RM80E JS1RD13A_E_100001 to JS1RD13A_F2100001 D101-______
RM125E JS1RF12A_E_100001 to JS1RF12A_F2100001 F108-______
RM250E JS1RJ12A_E_100001 to JS1RJ12A_F2100001 J102-______
RM500E JS1RM12A_E_100001 M101- ______
1985 JR50F LN1JA13A_F1100001 to LN1JA13A_G1100001 A102-______
RM80F JS1RD13A_F2100001 to JS1RD14A_G2100001 D101-______
RM125F JS1RF12A_F2100001 to JS1RF13A_G2100001 F108-______
RM250F JS1RJ12A_F2100001 to JS1RJ13A_G2100001 J102-______

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